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Stylish Mansion

The other day we had a local delivery in the area.

Here we placed a Mid Century Low Board along with Vintage Maple Butterfly Coffee Table.

The Vintage Low Board is also a T.V. Board~ a very stylish idea!

Also placed was a Vintage Maple Cupboard and a pair of Vintage Crystal-Cut Hanging Lamps.

Please enjoy a couple of images with many thanks to our customer!

A New Look for Home

Recently we had a local delivery in Kagoshima City.

Here we placed very cool maple vintage furniture in the living and dining areas.

The 1950’s Bubble Glass Display Cabinet looks fantastic in the new setting.  The Vintage T.V. Board and Low board look great together.

Please enjoy a few images from the delivery with special thanks to our Customer!

Vintage Kitchen Cabinet

Recently we had a delivery in Kirishima-shi.

cab1We placed a gorgeous Vintage Solid Maple Cupboard and Cabinet in our Customer’s kitchen.

It fits perfectly in the kitchen, next to the refrigerator.  A perfect match and a perfect fit!


Also very useful, fashionable and fun to display kitchen appliances (炊飯器,オーブン).


Our Customer’s finished display of their Fire King, Pyrex and other American Vintage collections items!  Please enjoy and thank you for the pictures:)



Custom Vintage Cabinet

Yesterday we had a local delivery~

Pictured is a 1960’s Vintage “Ethan Allen” Maple Cabinet.  But with a little custom design work by The ATTIC!


Now the vintage cabinet can display many useful kitchen appliances


all in one area and in a fun, design-friendly way!  Great idea and please enjoy!!

Garden Viewing

Yesterday we had a local delivery to one of our customer’s homes.


A Vintage Maple Butterfly Dining Table with 4 Chair Set was placed by the window.


Here, tea and coffee can be enjoyed…

jccj3.480    jccj4.480

While looking at the darling backyard garden!

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

Home Sweet Home II

Thank you!!  A few more pictures to add~

Great ideas for the wc and dining table center display!





Home Sweet Home

A special thank you to our Customer for the pictures…

Here is a fun display of vintage, Mid-Century, and just very cool decor accessories for the home!


A “Made In England” but from America umbrella rack in the home entry…


Vintage Pub mirrors and hanging art to make the walls interesting…


Beautiful Vintage Hanging lamp lighting is enjoyed in the evening…


What time is it?..


Thank you:)

We hope you enjoy your collection for many years to come!  Thanks again!!