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Happy Halloween!

A vintage Halloween, thanks to Norman Rockwell.

Also a few more pics of what some of us do back home in America.  Vintage furniture displays everything so nicely!!

(Can’t wait to see what’s for Christmas!)


Stylish Living Room

The other day we had a delivery in Kagoshima City.  We delivered a Vintage Solid Maple Desk and Chair Set.  Along with the desk, a Vintage Crystal and Marble Base Desk Lamp.  The pairing look great together.

It was fun to see our Customer’s Vintage Swivel Rocking Chair and Floor Lamp also in the living room.  It makes for a very stylish living space!

And what we saw when we entered the front entry hall, was this fun Vintage Golfing Pub Clock and beautiful Cut-Crystal Style Hanging Lamp!

Thank you very much for sharing your home with us!  Please enjoy!!

New Office Space II

Here is the most elegant way of enjoying any office space!

Working along side Audrey Hepburn:)  What a great way to enjoy work and play together!!

Antique Waterfall Wardrobe

The Attic sometimes finds one-of-a-kind, rare antique items.  This Antique Waterfall Wardrobe Cabinet is one of those items!

It’s a charming piece of furniture that is solid wood and from the 1920s-30s era.

It also has a matching Waterfall Night Stand too!

The BAKELITE knobs and hardware on the furniture are in PERFECT condition.


We were very lucky to find these!  Please visit our website and store to see more–thanks for looking!!

Custom Lighting

Please look at our new minimal chandelier lighting to The Attic!
Retro, vintage, and classic~
Crystal, brass, chain-linked~

All different styles for all different spaces!
Please visit and see in person!

burst-360 minimalchand-360 retrobrass-360

What’s on T.V.?

Recently in the store are 2 new Original Design by The ATTIC,  Vintage T.V. Boards!!

Each has its own special design points:

This Vintage T.V. Board has a drop-drawer front, easy to open and close to watch T.V. and to use the DVD player.

tv1  tv2

This Vintage T.V. Board also has a drop-drawer front, and a display shelf.  Here DVDs, CDs, anything you like can be displayed.  And the DVD player is safely stored above.


Please stop by and see in person!  Thanks for looking ~ have a great week everyone!

Maple Dining at Home🍂

🍂It is now November! 🍂 Soon the holidays will be here.  It’s a perfect time to prepare for family and friends to visit:)

2 New in the store is this beautiful Vintage Solid Maple Drop Leaf Dining Table with matching 4 Spindle Chair Set.  Yes, 100% solid maple wood!


There is also a table extension to make more space for all visiting family members and friends.

Please come in to see this beautiful Dining Set and more!  Let’s get ready for the holidays!!