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Wow! A Nice Present…

Here is a recent addition to The ATTIC:

An original 1956 L.A. Period Furniture Co. Modern Low Board!  It is very stylish and what a treasure!

The low board also has the matching 1956 L.A. Period Furniture Co. Night Stand!!

And it has the original Certificate that came with the set.  It’s very, very RARE!!

Wouldn’t this be a very cool Christmas gift?:)


Vintage Heywood Wakefield #2

To add more to the cool collection of “Heywood Wakefield.”

Here is a custom display cabinet by the ATTIC featuring “Heywood Wakefield.”

It is a beautiful cabinet that is very unique and one-of-a-kind.  Perfect for any environment  home, work or play!

Vintage Heywood Wakefield

It’s interesting to see furniture from the 1950’s to early 1960’s still look very stylish today.  The American brand, “Heywood Wakefield” is just as stylish today as it was over 60 years ago!

Such timeless design~ it can be used in any room at home!

We are always very excited to bring any “Heywood Wakefield” furniture into the store!!


1950s & 1960s

New to The Attic are 2 authentic 1950 & 1960 pieces of Vintage Maple Furniture.

Here we have a very swanky 60s Vintage High Chest.  The details on the chest are very cool.  And look at the sides ~ very 1960’s!


Here is a 50s Vintage Maple Cabinet & Buffet.  It comes from 1954 to be exact.  The size is small, and convenient to place is many spaces.

Please come visit and see in person!


Custom Lighting

Please look at our new minimal chandelier lighting to The Attic!
Retro, vintage, and classic~
Crystal, brass, chain-linked~

All different styles for all different spaces!
Please visit and see in person!

burst-360 minimalchand-360 retrobrass-360

What’s on T.V.?

Recently in the store are 2 new Original Design by The ATTIC,  Vintage T.V. Boards!!

Each has its own special design points:

This Vintage T.V. Board has a drop-drawer front, easy to open and close to watch T.V. and to use the DVD player.

tv1  tv2

This Vintage T.V. Board also has a drop-drawer front, and a display shelf.  Here DVDs, CDs, anything you like can be displayed.  And the DVD player is safely stored above.


Please stop by and see in person!  Thanks for looking ~ have a great week everyone!

Maple Dining at Home🍂

🍂It is now November! 🍂 Soon the holidays will be here.  It’s a perfect time to prepare for family and friends to visit:)

2 New in the store is this beautiful Vintage Solid Maple Drop Leaf Dining Table with matching 4 Spindle Chair Set.  Yes, 100% solid maple wood!


There is also a table extension to make more space for all visiting family members and friends.

Please come in to see this beautiful Dining Set and more!  Let’s get ready for the holidays!!